Configuration for Synology NAS 1812+

The first thing I want to complain is that synology assistant suit of linux is totally useless!  No matter I use it under CentOS or Fedora even Ubuntu(the most pop linux version among us), none of them could find DiskStation via the local network.

If you find NAS under Mac or Windows luckily, please just  hold on, you would find that you are being misleaded by an error message “An error occurred during
installation. The telnet service of the DiskStation is turned on for the error determination. Please configure your router to forward port 23 to
the DiskStation and contact Synology online support.” Normally, we might check our firewall, antivirus and reset router forwarding under such objectionable situation…

Finally, you wake up from disorderly and unsystematic errors and poor manual

OK, solution:

  1. ===How to conduct a direct Ethernet Connection with the Synology system===Remove all Ethernet connection on computer
    Disable Wireless Connections
    For Windows users, from Windows Command Prompt, type “ipconfig /renew”
    [Optional: set the IP Address/Subnet Address to on the hardware LAN card]
  2. ==Synology system prep==
    Have the system on in the ready state
    Disconnect the LAN cord from the Synology system for 30 seconds
  3. ==Connecting between the computer and Synology system==
    Use a Straight Ethernet cord to connect the Synology system directly towards the Ethernet port of the computer
    Wait upwards for five minutes for the computer to detect and assign an IP address to the Synology system
    Use the Synology Assistant to detect the Synology system, and reconfigure the IP addressReady to use? Of course not! Synoloy Assistant is worth to be a good trouble making assistant, exp: Only CIFS protocal would be used in remote sync. As a problem be solved, a new comes.===========================================================


    If you create new directories to share them you should mark them as
    Use: chcon -R -t samba_share_t /your/path

    Keep flash privilleges after you update ftpd
    Use: SELinux  ftp_home_dir -> on

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