Keywords of 2012


0. Trave
0.1 Good Friday
Path:  HK->广州->丽江->大理->昆明->HK
Tags: 休闲,酒吧,美女…
0.2 Pursuit of Happiness

Path: HK->青岛->东营->青岛->HK
Tags: 奔奔+,油田,北方的海
0.3 Accompany
Path: HK<=> Macao
Tags: 师兄, 灯红酒绿的赌场
0.4 First outside of China
Path: HK <=> Singapore
Tags: 狮城,高物价, <HK && >HK
0.5 Visiting
Path: HK->成都->峨眉山->成都->HK
Tags: 奔奔, 金顶,猴子
1. Responsibility
1.0 Home
Path: HK->襄阳->武汉->海口->广州->深圳
Tags: 看房,借钱,买房,还钱
2. Postgraduate Studies
2.0 Say bye to my favourite universities HKU
2.1 CUHK
Professors, Colleagues, Classmates…
2.2 Projects
3. Perspectives
3.1 Phd qualify in Sep. 2013
3.2 Payback
3.3 Have new life together





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